Green chutney, a cherished topping in Pakistan food, is a dynamic and fiery mix of fresh spices, flavors, and tart fixings. It adds an explosion of flavor to various dishes, from tidbits and starters to fundamental courses. This flexible chutney entices your taste buds as well as offers a scope of medical advantages because of its nutritious parts. In this exhaustive aide, we will investigate the bit by bit course of making the ideal green chutney, alongside tips for varieties and serving ideas.


To make the ideal green chutney, accumulate the accompanying fixings:

1.Fresh Spices:

   – 2 cups fresh cilantro (coriander) leaves, washed and generally slashed   – 1 cup fresh mint leaves, washed and generally slashed

2.Aromatic Flavors:

   – 2-3 green chilies (change as indicated by your zest inclination)   – 1 teaspoon cumin seeds   – ½ teaspoon chaat masala (discretionary)   – Salt to taste

3.Tangy Components:

   – 1 tablespoon lemon juice (change as indicated by taste)   – 1 teaspoon tamarind mash (can substitute with lemon juice)

4.Additional Fixings:

   – ½ cup hacked onions (discretionary, for additional surface and flavor)   – 2-3 cloves of garlic (discretionary, for added sharpness)   – 1 tablespoon cooked chana dal (split chickpeas) or broiled peanuts (for thickness)   – Water, depending on the situation



   – Wash the cilantro and mint leaves completely to eliminate any soil.    – Hack the green chilies, onions (if utilizing), and garlic cloves.


   – In a blender or food processor, consolidate the cilantro and mint leaves.   – Add the hacked green chilies, cumin seeds, chaat masala (if utilizing), and a touch of salt.   – In the event that you lean toward a milder chutney, eliminate the seeds from the green chilies prior to adding them.   – Alternatively, add the hacked onions and garlic for additional character.    – Mix the blend until it shapes a coarse glue.

3.Achieving the Right Consistency:

   – Add the cooked chana dal or peanuts to the blender and mix again until the combination becomes smoother.

4.Balancing Flavors:

   – Add tamarind mash and lemon juice to the blend to make a tart equilibrium.    – Taste the chutney and change salt, lemon squeeze, or flavors on a case by case basis to accomplish the ideal flavor profile.

5.Adjusting Surface:

   – In the event that the chutney is excessively thick, bit by bit add water (a couple of tablespoons all at once) and mix until you arrive at the ideal consistency.

6.Final Mix:

   – Mix the blend one final chance to uniformly consolidate every one of the fixings.

7.Presentation and Stockpiling:

   – Move the green chutney to a perfect, hermetically sealed holder.   – Store it in the cooler for as long as seven days.


1.Coconut Bend:

   – Add ½ cup fresh ground coconut to the chutney blend for a smooth and tropical variety.

2.Nutty Enjoyment:

   – Substitute cooked chana dal with cashews or almonds for a more extravagant surface.

3.Sweet Sensation:

   – For a touch of pleasantness, mix in a little piece of jaggery or earthy colored sugar.

  Serving Ideas:

1.Classic Backup:

   – Serve green chutney close by famous Pakistan tidbits like samosas, pakoras, or chaats.

2.Flavorful Marinade:

   – Use it as a marinade for barbecuing or cooking vegetables, paneer, or tofu.

3.Sandwich Spread:

   – Spread a liberal layer of green chutney on sandwiches or wraps for an additional punch.

4.Dipping Pleasure:

   – Match it with barbecued meats or fish as a delightful plunging sauce.


Green chutney is a flexible and great expansion to your culinary collection, offering an amicable mix of fresh spices, flavors, and tart components. Explore different avenues regarding varieties to fit the chutney as you would prefer inclinations and investigate its large number of uses. Whether as a plunge, spread, marinade, or backup, this lively chutney makes certain to hoist the flavors of your dishes and leave your visitors hankering for more. Partake in the eruption of freshness and medical advantages that green chutney brings to your feasts!

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